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Hear From Our Clients



Smaller Images~Shannon B Whittington Photography-0295 "I went from dreading exercise to working my life around how to get my Novo classes in! Even at my age, I am burning 800 plus calories is some of the cardio classes. I am honestly addicted to Novo and can't imagine life without it." - Sarah (age 42, member since September 2015)

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"Since I've become a part of this community, I have enjoyed every moment. I workout 4-6 times a week now!  There's not another fitness studio anywhere like this - a studio that truly gets involved with their clients, offers a variety of classes, events, and of course, what really brings us in - their Barre Boutique!" - Dawn Marie (age 30, member since September 2015)

Smaller Images~Shannon B Whittington Photography-0333"Novo fitness studio has taken my fitness experience to a new level. The positive, uplifting fitness instruction is truly different from any other style and it has challenged me physically and mentally from day one." - Angie (age 35, member since June 2016)

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 "There are so many different classes offered at Novo which is a breath of fresh air. I love being able to change up my schedule each week, it allows me to never get bored and it keeps my body fresh and craving more." - Chelsie (age 26, member since March 2016)

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"I instantly liked Novo because I have a yoga background and yoga is a part of many Novo classes. At first, I wasn't sure if I could keep up with the younger members or if I would be accepted into the fold being older than your average member. What I found was an amazing and supportive staff and clientele of all ages willing to answer questions and offer support in any way they could. I also found through encouragement and support from the instructors that I could in fact keep up and modify if needed without judgment." - Renee (age 46, member since November 2015)

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"Novo is like a little community. It only took one class and I was hooked and I've never looked back. I enjoy seeing old friends that I've reconnected with and new friends I've made since joining. Novo has reshaped my body, my mind, my attitude, and my friend-base." - Linda  (age 50, member since February 2016)

Smaller Images~Shannon B Whittington Photography-0303 "As a 'non-athletic' person, I struggled to find a workout routine that was fun and effective. After seemingly trying everything there was out there, I found Novo on Instagram and decided to give it a try. After only a week I felt so much stronger, and I was sore everywhere. There wasn't even the slightest hesitation from that point on as to whether I would continue. Now, two months into my 12 month membership, I can say I have never seen such amazing results so quickly." - Morgan (member since April 2016)

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 "After trying home workouts, I found myself bored with the repetition. I wanted to try something fun and different, and I had heard a few people mention Novo, so I decided to give it a chance. I was hooked after my first class! What a difference it makes to work out with others in an amazing place with a motivating atmosphere! I don't feel like I HAVE to go work out I WANT to work out." - Chelsie (age 29, member since May 2016) 

Smaller Images~Shannon B Whittington Photography-0387"I was a 42 year old out of shape mom and wife with a full time job.  I hated gyms.  I’m was scared to be in front of others.  I would rather hide in a corner than work out in front of people.  I was uncoordinated, stiff, sore, overweight, and frankly just tired.  But my friend convinced me to come to Novo and I took a class from a pregnant woman... and I feel muscles I haven’t felt . . . well, ever.  Fast-forwarded 9 months, and I go to Novo almost every day.  I’ve lost weight and inches.  I’m strong now.  I still struggle, I’m still stiff and sore sometimes.  I am still tired.  But I have support now.  I have friends who struggle with me.  And sweat with me.  And laugh and cry with me.  They understand because they are there too.  Even the 20 year olds.  Even the 60 year olds.  And yes, there are still pregnant women there too!  It’s a family. And it’s mine!" -Heather (age 43, member since February 2016)

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"I always felt judged while trying to exercise, but Novo is a completely different experience! Everyone walks in those doors and exercises as a team, leaving feeling empowered, energized, and truly proud of themselves. Novo isn't just a fitness studio, it's a community of people that not only help you get fit, but also help you grow as a person." - Devyn (age 21, member since April 2016)

Smaller Images~Shannon B Whittington Photography-0325"As a military spouse we often have to move and make new friends everywhere we go. Novo has been my new 'tribe' away from home. I love how welcoming and inviting everyone is and the instructors are top notch. They will push you to new places you never thought possible and I personally have never looked or felt better in my life." -Dani (age 28, member since October 2015)

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"I love everything about it but especially the two owners.  They give over 100% to NOVO on a daily basis.  They have created a family atmosphere and because of their love for us, the client, it has fostered a true love of us for each other. I, along with my health, will be eternally grateful to these two gals that I have watched grow from school kids into beautiful young women.  Thank you Beth Anne and Ellen for having this vision and running with it.  My life has been changed for the better!" - Margaret (age 51, member since March 2014)

Smaller Images~Shannon B Whittington Photography-0346"I was hooked at the first shake! I now take four to five classes a week and because of all they offer I get to take a different class every time. The variety is awesome and I never know what's coming next! My body is constantly sore and changing and it's addicting! My family has seen nothing but happy and healthier changes in me since week one and my stress, anxiety and overall wellness are better than they have ever been!" -Brittney  (age 30, member since March 2015) 

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"As a result of my scoliosis I have had lower back pain all of my adult life that has spread to other parts of my body such as my hip, neck and even problems with my feet! After participating in another fitness method for 9 months, I was forced to look for a change due to persistent joint pain. I knew from the very first class I took at Novo that I had found what I was looking for! From the variety of intensity level to the times, they make it easy to fit workouts into my busy schedule as a business owner and mom.  Most importantly for me, Novo has strengthened my core so much which has greatly reduced my back, hip, and foot pain!" -Elice (age 45, member since April 2016)

Smaller Images~Shannon B Whittington Photography-0354"Novo has truly changed how I feel about working out and I wouldn't be where I am today without the sweet instructors, the friends I’ve met along the way, and the fun and upbeat workouts. It has provided such a great environment to learn, thrive, and grow spiritually and physically during my fitness journey." - Lindsey (member since September 2015)

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"I remember the first time stepping into the studio. I was scared, overwhelmed, and didn’t know if I would fit in or not. Boy, was I wrong! Every instructor was extremely kind and full of encouragement and genuinely made you feel part of their family. On top of having such great ladies to guide you, the cliental was wonderful. With clients ranging from young college girls to grandmothers, everyone is welcomed and treated with respect and kindness." - Kristin (age 28, member since March 2016)