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Beth Anne
Beth Anne

Novo Turns THREE!

We weren't sure how to top a live DJ for our next birthday, but having two studio rooms allowed us to do much more than our second year party! We decided to have 3 simultaneous classes in both studio rooms, featuring master classes from guest teachers Amy Weber and Danielle Whitener. Combine these two powerhouses with a photo booth, balloons, snacks, and a sale, and we had a BLAST!


Clients enjoyed shopping our sale in our expanded boutique!

Amy Weber, creator of THE pow{h}er METHOD, taught tap n' pow{h}er, a form focus workshop, and energy n' pow{h}er. Our clients loved getting to take classes from the method creator, a rare and inspiring opportunity! 

NT3 AMY2   NT3 AMY 3

Danielle Whitener, master Buti Yoga Trainer and creator of Freebird Fly (in addition to multiple other classes), taught Buti Yoga and Bounce. She heated things up and it was a total sweatfest of fun!


NT3 2   NT3 HOT

It was so amazing to watch Danielle and Amy energize and encourage our clients! We are so thankful for their friendship and their support of Novo. 

IMG_0622   IMG_0621

A huge shout-out to our dream team of staff and teachers who made the day flow flawlessly! We are so grateful to them for all of their help, love, and support.



And the biggest thank you to our clients, the heart beat of the studio, who make #homesweetNovo the place that it is. Thank you for making our dreams a reality and for supporting us!


NT3 1

Until the next one, 
Beth Anne and Ellen


Beth Anne
Beth Anne


In early 2016, we began serious discussions of how we could better accommodate our growing studio. Our staff was growing, our clients were growing, and we had maxed out our schedule with the influx of new faces ready to kick-start their new year. We looked at various options, but our desire was to stay close to where we were, and if at all possible, not have to walk away from the place we called #homesweetNovo (just to start all over again from nothing). We knew we couldn't go behind us, due to storage for Tractor Supply, and we couldn't go forward (there's a parking lot there!), and we couldn't take over any of our neighbor's space at Tractor Supply. This left us with one (somewhat far-fetched) option, to expand to the opposite side into the curb towards the side road that leads into the parking lot. We thought it was worth asking, since it was the only way we could stay in our current location, and to our surprise, our landlord thought it would be doable! We were so excited to be able to announce to our community that we had a plan in store for January 2017, and it was a perfect blend of the old and new! 

FullSizeRender (83)
Step 1: The landscaping was cleared out, the AC unit and street light were relocated

FullSizeRender (84)
The slab was poured, plumbing lines set, and then the framing started!

FullSizeRender (85)
The building was originally drawn to be a 1,200 square foot addition, but it ended up being over 1,400 sq ft!

FullSizeRender (86)
While everyone was complaining about months of no rain, we were CELEBRATING! No weather delays meant a quick, flawless process, and before we knew it, a building with walls was where there was once dirt and a few trees. 

FullSizeRender (87)

And in the mean time, we gave our existing space a complete renovation too! 

We closed for a few days around new years, and we officially reopened our doors to our expanded facility on January 2, 2017! 

Our new space includes two studio rooms, an expanded lobby and barre boutique, two restrooms, a coffee/tea bar, a room for youth services (now our moms can bring their little ones!), a stall bar, a prayer wall, and a new "refresh" station with cool lavender towels for post-workout! 

FullSizeRender (88)

FullSizeRender (89)

FullSizeRender (90)

FullSizeRender (91)

FullSizeRender (92)

Our expanded space proved to be more than we ever thought was possible. We were prepared to sacrifice some of our "wants" in order to remain in our existing space, but in the end, we didn't have to give up one of our wish list items! We are so thankful for God's hand in orchestrating this entire process. A building is now twice the size than it was originally, but more than that, our hearts are overflowing with gratitude to be able to accommodate even more of our Novo family!

Beth Anne
Beth Anne

Summer + Fall 2016

It was a whirlwind of events taking our summer to fall, then finally closing 2016. We brought back some old events (with some twists), and were thrilled to bring some brand new events as well. We love these "extras" we can offer to our community at Novo, because it gives us all a chance to be together for longer periods of time, and to get some great "hang out" time between workouts. Of course, food and yummy treats and drinks from our friends at Juice Bar Columbus is always a perk. And who doesn't love giving back to charitable organizations in our community?

These events take a TEAM to plan and pull-off, so a big shout-out to our amazing staff of teachers who give so selflessly to set-up, clean-up, and teach at these events! It would truly be impossible without them.

Summers at Novo are always fun. We welcome back students who have been away at school, get to see our morning moms at different times, and sweat out the long summer days together. This past summer, we featured to major events - Buti and Braids and (back by popular demand) Move Through Midnight.

We were thrilled to partner with the talented girls from Salon 501 for a night of braiding, glowing, and sweating. The Salon 501 team taught us how to do several different types of braids and then we were able to practice on each other with our new skills. After braiding, we painted with neon paint, then worked it out in a super-sweaty and fun glow-in-the-dark Buti Yoga class.

FullSizeRender (77)   FullSizeRender (78)

In July, we brought back the popular "Move Through Midnight" event, featuring mini-classes of each of our methods offered. The final class literally worked it out through the 12am mark with a mini-session of Buti Yoga. Add a huge sale, drawings and giveaways, and snacks, and you have a fun-filled evening that lasts into morning. All proceeds from this event went to Seneca, Choices for Life.

FullSizeRender (72)

We closed summer and welcomed back-to-school with our "Back to Novo Night." This free event featured 5 sample classes for new and existing clients, and we were thrilled to welcome many new faces coming through our doors!

FullSizeRender (75)

In September, we participated in Live Healthy Columbus' Uptown Day. We loved getting to be part of this amazing community event promoting wellness and health! It was wonderful to meet and chat with other business owners in our field, as well as welcome guests by our booth.

FullSizeRender (74)

"Toes on Top" was an actual dream-come-true event for us. We wanted to take Buti Yoga out into the community and out into nature, and this event did just that! Our friends at Old Town Columbus let us use their rooftop venue - "The Vue," and we filled the entire space with 50+ amazing women who worked it all out under the stars. Juice Bar Columbus brought delicious juices for after the class, and also a big thanks to RX Bars, who donated boxes of yummy and healthy bars for participants! We were able raise over $1,200.00 for Seneca, Choices for Life.

FullSizeRender (71)

FullSizeRender (73)

Also in October, we welcomed the tiny toes of our barre babies for a baby-wearing combo class! If you think a typical class at Novo is difficult, try adding a human to your body weight for the entire duration of the class! This was NO JOKE, and these mamas did an amazing job. Of course it always helps to have precious babies to distract you through the pain of the workout!

FullSizeRender (67)

Once again, we brought the men to the barre for "Barre Bro Date Night" in October. This event is always a fun time for the girls, and the guys are always great sports about "shaking to change." All proceeds of our PINK barre bro night went to the National Breast Cancer Association.

FullSizeRender (70)

We challenged our clients with a "25 in 5 Challenge" during November and December. Clients had 5 weeks to get 25 classes in, and boy did they! We didn't have enough room on one poster to write all the participants, and actually ended up filling two posters full of names for this challenge. And of those participating, 36 participants met or exceeded the goal, with Sarah Sluder taking 1st place at 77 classes (an average of 3 classes a day!).

Smaller Images~Shannon B Whittington Photography-0295

The highlight of our November was our trip to NYC with two of our senior instructors. We had a full 3 days of sweating it out as students at multiple studios, and we LOVED getting to be students at some top-notch studios in the area. As a bonus, we walked miles each day to get from studio to studio, which was the best way to see the city and get a "warm-up" for our workout simultaneously. It was a fun, exhausting, inspiring trip and we can't wait to go back again.

FullSizeRender (79)  FullSizeRender (80)

FullSizeRender (81)

We were beyond thrilled to offer our first EVER bellicon rebounding classes during our second annual "Shake n' Shop" event. Not only did we demo 3 bellicon bouncing classes, but we transformed our studio room into a small business fair for Christmas shopping. We loved featuring several of our clients as vendors, and we welcomed over 60+ shoppers/clients as well.

FullSizeRender (68)

Also in December, we celebrated the "12 days of Novo" by bringing in canned goods for Valley Rescue Mission. Our clients donated over 160 canned food/non-perishable items.

And finally, we closed Novo's doors for the first time ever (for more than a single day) as we made final preparations to open our newly expanded studio. But that is for another blog post altogether! Stay tuned...

Beth Anne
Beth Anne

16 events to kick off spring 2016!

When we (the co-owners) look over the start of 2016 until now (summer 2016), we simply confirm our level of craziness. How could we possibly have crammed 16 + events in less than 5 months?! We wanted this spring to be full of our old favorites (like Power Hour sessions and our annual 6 Week Total Body Challenge), but we also wanted to include some new and different events for our community as well. So, we did it all. And it's (briefly) summarized below! 


FullSizeRender (29)
3 different "Power Hour" sessions (Jan, Feb, April) featuring a 90 minute mash-up of our methods, classes, and teachers

FullSizeRender (31)FullSizeRender (30)_copy

Novo Turns 2 (March) - Two, two-hour sessions of the pow{h}er method, featuring a variety of teachers, a live DJ, and the method's creator, Amy Weber. Our biggest Novo party yet, complete with a huge sale, refreshments, giveaways, and Juice Bar Columbus!
buti cert

Buti Yoga Certification (Jan) - Novo hosted a 3-day intensive Buti Yoga certification, which included classes taught by master teacher trainer Tara Winterhalter. 

spring challenge

Spring Challenge (April-May) - our third annual "Spring Into Summer Total Body Challenge," with 68 participants, losing a collective 400+ inches. Third place winner was Stephanie (9.5 in), second place was Margaret (10.5 in), and our first place winner was Dani, with an amazing 11 inches! Congrats to each of our participants, and especially our winners! 

FullSizeRender (32)

Open House for Small Business Week (May) - Novo opened it's doors for free classes, giveaways, and huge sales in our Barre Boutique.

FullSizeRender (33)
Mother/Daughter tap n' pow{h}er class (May) - Open to clients and their mothers or daughters, Jessica taught a fun and challenging class on Mother's Day weekend.

FullSizeRender (34)

Columbus Regional Health Fair (Jan) - Novo represented at the fair with information and giveaways, and we were thrilled to meet so many employees of Columbus Regional. 

FullSizeRender (36)

Buti with the Bacons (Feb)- Co-owners (maiden name - "Bacon") co-taught a one hour killer Buti Yoga class.

csu buti

CSU Buti Yoga Night: A private Buti Yoga class just for our college students! 


FullSizeRender (35)doTERRA workshop (Feb)- Focusing on medicinal uses of doTERRA essential oils, featuring Dr. Varner. Clients sampled oils and made their own hand sanitizer sprays using natural ingredients and essential oils.

form focused BarreAmped workshop (Feb, April) for new clients - breaking down the key form cues for our most commonly used Barre exercises. 

2 sessions of Buti Breakdown (Feb) - a 45 minute workshop focusing on commonly used poses in Buti Yoga, followed by a 45 minute Buti Yoga express class to apply techniques from workshop.


FullSizeRender (37)   FullSizeRender (38)
Barre Blowout fundraiser for Jasper (April) - Novo partnered with Kerry Mac Salon for a "Barre Blowout" (a barreamped class followed by a wash and style at the salon) to raise money for a local child fighting cancer. 

barre bro
Barre Bro fundraiser for William (Feb) - Our favorite date night returned, with our clients bringing their men to the barre for a workout. All proceeds went to Mitochondrial Disease Awareness, in honor of one of our client's child who passed away due to this disease. 

Compassion International Sunday (May)- Novo offered incentives for clients to sponsor a child internationally through Compassion International, which is a child-advocacy ministry striving to free children from economic, social, and physical poverty (find our more here: Multiple children were sponsored, and Novo (as a community) "adopted" a child to sponsor as well!

FullSizeRender (39) FullSizeRender (40)

Buti Glo (March) -  Novo's first class totally in the dark, complete with black lights and glow in the dark paint! All proceeds went to Prevent Blindness Georgia. 

Adding to the business (and excitement) of this spring, Novo reached its all-time high in attendance, memberships, and weekly classes. We expanded our spring schedule to include 43 classes each week, with classes reaching record-breaking numbers. And thankfully, we had new teachers to help us through this busiest time! We were thrilled to welcome Janine and Meghan for BarreAmped, Morgan and Haley for Buti Yoga, and Lauren for tap n' pow{h}er. 

With a spring this awesome, we know summer at Novo will be even better (if that's possible). Join us this summer for sweating, shaking, and changing your mind, mood, and body! 

Beth Anne
Beth Anne

Closing out 2015, welcoming 2016!

We were so thrilled to pack out our fall calendar at Novo! We had a minimum of one special event each month, welcomed many new faces to our studio, hosted several fundraisers, and watched our clients, staff, and studio grow tremendously!

In August we held our first "Back to Novo" night, with back-to-back mini-classes, major sales on all merchandise, and special offers for new clients. As the kids returned to school, we welcomed new and old faces to the barre. It was such a fun night filled with laughter and lots of sweat!

back to novo_copy
We focused on wellness during the month of September. hosting "Wellness Morning," complete with two classes and featuring wellness advocates in our community. We welcomed Seedling by Alicia, Premier Chiropractics, Elements Natural Medicine, Jenny with Juice Bar Columbus, and Riverside Dermatology to share wellness tips and talk about their services. We had tons of giveaways and samples, too! 

The same day as our Wellness Workshop, our staff attended "Live Healthy Columbus" downtown and represented Novo along with other fitness/wellness businesses in Columbus. We were thrilled to meet so many new faces and spread the Novo love!

For breast cancer awareness in October, we brought back our popular "Barre Bro Night," when the clients bring their man to the barre to discover "the shake" for himself! What a fun, energetic group we had! The men worked so hard, and left with a greater appreciation for what we do at Novo everyday.  Even more, we were able to raise money to give to the National Breast Cancer Association!

To help support local businesses, and give our clients an amazing holiday shopping event, we hosted "Shake n' Shop" in November. We had over 15 vendors come to sell unique, custom pieces of art and decor, as well as skin care products, jewelry, yummy treats, and more! Clients came to shop, and stayed to shake in our classes after the event!

shake n shop
December brought our #12daysofNovo competition, in which clients were challenged to come to Novo for classes 12 consecutive days. Despite the chaos of the holiday season, several clients accomplished this goal, and were awarded an extra one week of unlimited classes added to their memberships, as well as a Soliel soy candle of their choice!

We also focused in December on giving back to our community. We asked clients to bring in canned food items for Valley Rescue Mission, and were so happy to donate hundreds of pantry items to give back to our community. Thank you to our amazing clients for helping us achieve this goal!

canned food

Our Novo community continues to grow each month, and there is nothing we love more than welcoming new faces. But we are equally excited about our loyal, dedicated clients who continue to reach new milestones. As of the end of 2015, we have 80 clients in the #100classclub, 14 clients who have reached over 200 classes, and 6 clients with over 300 classes!

We couldn't be more excited about everything to come in 2016! We have been working hard to improve our studio space, expand our retail selection, and maximize our class schedule. We also have even more amazing events planned for spring, so stay tuned for details on various workshops, our Power Hour Series, Buti Glo, and of course, our two year birthday!

door                                                                         Our New Studio Room Door!