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About Our Instructors


All of our instructors began as dedicated clients of the studio. After taking classes and developing a passion for the method(s), our instructors auditioned and applied for an apprenticeship at Novo Fitness. Instructors then attended and completed their certification(s) in their specific method(s) and began an extensive and rigorous apprenticeship consisting of observing, training, workshopping, and co-teaching in the classroom under observation and direction of senior teachers. Even after completing the certification and apprenticeship process, instructors continue to receive education and further training, and are continuously observed by senior instructors/owners.  

Our instructors are also students, and use their perspectives as both teacher and student to lead clients in a challenging workout while giving attention to individual clients.

All instructors are trained in proper modifications and/or advanced options to accommodate clients of all fitness levels, including those with injuries and pre/post natal needs.

Read more about our instructors below!

NOVO.Fitness.2.027_copy                  NOVO.Fitness.2.029                   NOVO.Fitness.2.013                   NOVO.Fitness.2.017       Beth Anne Kennedy, co-owner               Ellen Cobb, co-owner                 Jasmine Carter, senior instructor          Alana Spiece, senior instructor

 NOVO.Fitness.2.033                 NOVO.Fitness.2.019_copy                   NOVO.Fitness.2.015                   NOVO.Fitness.2.011   
Jessica Ray, senior instructor                     Haley Seifert                                       Brooke Pitts                                      Morgan Batson   

 NOVO.Fitness.2.008                 NOVO.Fitness.2.023                   NOVO.Fitness.2.025                   NOVO.Headshot.05
        Lauren Tooker                                  Janine Worsley                                    Meghan Stout                                    Cecily Gilmore

      Chelsie Rogers                            Victoria Nicholson